by scissorbills

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Niklas Ramlök
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Niklas Ramlök I saw these guys play a very impressive set at a local record store. The melancholic sound and wistful lyrics meant a lot to me when I heard them; needless to say, I felt compelled to throw these touring dudes several dollars to put em a little bit further along down the road. Favorite track: Fun's all over.
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released July 28, 2016



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scissorbills New Orleans, Louisiana

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Track Name: Fun's all over
women are dancing with lice in their hair
smoking marywanna and feeling despair

early in the morning, police coming round
telling flower children to get on the ground

up jump trouble up jump trouble fun’s all over now
up jump trouble up jump trouble fun’s all over now
in andoria in andoria they are running in ground
in andoria in andoria fun’s all over now

the shower is yellow, the bed full of sand
the neighbor is telling you to move the van

the children are swaying and chanting a psalm
one man is crying, with a vial in his palm

if I would have listened to what my mother said
i’d be at home laying in a sleep train bed

if I had two chances I’d do everything right
I’d button my shirt up and lace my shoes tight
Track Name: Sharp Axe

how the fuck did I get so young?
seems like the only thing I remember is the past
back in those days men would punch each other in the nose
but you won’t read that in any history book

some women are good some women are bad
margaret thatcher for example
some women even smoke cigarettes
you won’t feel it’s a work of fiction

it’s all part of the process
for which you’ve got no defense
not a new way of thinking
it’s just admission of ignorance

I’m no thunderer Icarus debris polluter
no fire bringer, baby stealer or wagon wheeler
sharp axe broken handle
sharp axe broken handle

some people think that jesus invented forgiveness
some day you might need to give this

and when that moment does comes then please recall these warning chimes
the jury goes uncounted

some people people are good and some people are bad
some people are good at fighting

it’s not the best thing for you
but it’s called called due diligence
just a couple of bad dreams of which I’ve got total innocence
Track Name: Before Swine
who are these strangers
dragging us towards a new doom now
and making us a world tomb
nobody knows

before swine
until the generation comes
take care of your own house
or don't build anything at all

cursing and smoking
banging nails through a club
angry people
buckets of blood

they’re all so scared
they’re safe as houses anyways
rattling sabres
and biting fingernails away

hot water
on an underwater road
halfway around the world
some people you don’t know

animal heatwave, and the icarus debris
the sun’s not any closer
thats just how it feels
Track Name: The World
I’m not a member of the world
I am a member of the rising sun
until the world is overcome
i’m not a member of the world

I’m not ready to live
by the notions of a passing phase
something erased by simple days
and simpler views

I’m not a member of the crowd
whose sudden anger is unearthly loud
and yet it goes like a winded cloud
to what’s on the news

send me a paris drum
send me a paris drum
we’ll go away singing and drumming

covered with a wanted gold
throw away the heavy load
and be new

over the waves
the sun is setting on the minarets
a little boy is selling cigarettes
to a guided tour

of a lonely tomb
misremembered and deeply dark
though still with wonder at nature’s part
in a place of doom

and now lost
in a cavern of unholy forms
half a hundred in uniforms
and crying please

they’re counting heads
but the census can leave me out
this island is the rock of doubt
i’d rather be

not a member of the world
but a member of the rising sun
until the world is overcome
i’m not a member of the world

i’m not a member of the scene
i am a member of the gasoline
give my middle finger to the queen
and my eyes to a crow
Track Name: Jack Diamonds

police officer how can it be you arrest everybody but you never rest me
two police officers lying in a can, each one of them wishing that the other was a ham

I rosin my fiddle and string up my bow but I still don’t get welcome wherever I go
If the ocean was liquor and i was a duck, i’d go to the bottom and then I’d come up

walking down fourth street and turning on beale
looking for the old man that they’re calling lucille

we’re going to to put him in the old folks home
take all his money and if he won’t give us some

in the middle of the ocean there grows a green tree and never will the old man give my money all to me

I’ve played cards in england I’ve played em in spain, I’ll bet you twenty dollars that I’ll play cards again
Track Name: Whitelouse

they’re putting you to sleep, like a scary old bird

like the family dog, they cant afford you anymore

you’re hard to keep, so you go to sleep

without a bed

and then, you’ll go up in smoke

and go over

like a lead balloon, like a dirty joke we used to tell

about a southern belle, and a funny smell, of cigarette smoke

we can burn that bridge when it’s come upon

and water is growing old
wet rain wet rain wet rain

I crawled out of the earth, crawled out of my shirt
or havent you heard

that I’m large, but not in charge

when youre full of muscles

and you are big

then you go to work

at the glue factory, is the place to be

with golden pearls, and singing girls

and golden pearls

you wont feel blue, when you are glue i’ll stick up for you

we can burn that bridge when it’s come upon
and water is growing old
wet rain wet rain wet rain

I won’t watch tv, till everyone’s free

then i’ll watch tv

i’ll take my rest when everything is done

it’ll be no fun, it’ll be no fun

when you are dead

the lice in jesus' beard

are white, as white as blood

as white as blood is supposed to be

your missing parts

your after darks, don’t bother me.
Track Name: Clinical Trials
she said three words and quaffed a potion
threw the bottle into the ocean
got her charms from a drugstore lotion
from the chemical baths and the clinical trials

her painted up cheeks looked like a painting
and ruby red lips like a dollhouse ceiling
and all of that just to get a feeling
from the chemical baths and the clinical trials

he sells them oils to match the fashion
so they’ll feel ugly without a mask on
and make good money selling all the potions
from the chemical baths

bad people live while good ones die
sticking drugged up needles in a rabbit’s eye
from the chemical baths and the clinical trials
from the chemical baths and the clinical trials
Track Name: The Surf
out in the surf

out in the surf they have no money their course is confused compelled to obey by pain compliance, out in the surf

sharpened at the end by the roughest of sea tides the foremast broke off the men were ashamed the dreadnought did atrophy press ganged again

we are flightless birds the great auk the dodo, clubbed with a broken bar

extinct and banished

out in the surf

our loincloths ripped open

the old sunburnt animal

picking the shore

siphoning and spouting up-G chord

scabrously sporting scars

many eyed and hungering picked at by seagulls

restlessly eating

out in the surf the old men are surfing

the sun cooks them up

like chemotherapeutic atrocity TV

out in the surf

the legs of the ocean the wild legs of the forties

breaks down the hull

the ice cuts it open heaviest storm
Track Name: Age
in the age and generation
eyes adjust to total darkness
and the operator said that it’s time that things went red
with the hammer and the tongs
in the age and generation

in the hour of the nation
the remote will change the station
and the minute may draw near
when the drudge removes his gear
and begins to squeeze a tear
from his unfamiliar faces

in a tower at the capital
there’s a meeting of the powerful
on the very highest floor
just behind a silver door
the room is filling up with gore
in the tower at the capital

in a bloody revelation
TV people don’t understand it
with the crashing of a gate
all the people fill with rage
and hot smoke comes out their eyes
in a bloody revelation

now they’re meeting at the station
biting glass in a whipped up frenzy
they’re grinding down their teeth
and ringing like cracked bells
with hands balled into fists
in the street before the station

in a mess of crowded feeling
alarms emits a piercing signal
like the shouting of a dove
in an automatic cage
so it cannot be ignored
in the age and generation